A Regionally Based Professional Services Firm With a Global Purview SM
About Us

The Kogan Law Group, P.C. (KLG) is a New York City-based multidisciplinary legal services firm committed to rigorous practice and the delivery of client value.

KLG is globally focused, employing the law through the prism of transactional business.

We recognize that knowledge of the law, as well as its underlying economic, political and social foundations, is critical to serving the necessary interests of our clients.

We work to manage cross-border risks posed to client international trade and investment that arise from domestic and foreign policy, legislative and regulatory processes and initiatives.

In particular, we help clients to minimize the impacts of emerging and extant environmental, health and safety, consumer trade and information, and competition-related policies, laws and regulations to prevent the unreasonable restriction of foreign market access, the substantial disruption of global supply-chains, the stifling of technology development and dissemination, and the consequent impairment of tangible and intangible assets, operations and commitments.

We primarily assist U.S. and non-U.S.-based transnational public and private enterprises competing in the highly regulated fields of science, technology and manufacturing.

Our work has included serving companies operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, dietary supplements, food products, chemicals, conventional and renewable energy, wireless technology, software, and apparel and footwear manufacturing sectors.